7 Different Types of Mouse You Need to Know in 2023

Think we all know what a mouse is, right?! However, how many of us know the different types of mouse? Not a lot of us, I imagine, which is why you are here!

So without wasting any more time, lets dive into it!

What are the Different Types of Mouse?

Just like knowing how to hold a mouse is important for long-term health, similarly, knowing the different types that exist helps to make the right decision for your particular case. Below are the 9 kinds of mice in detail:

1) Wired Mouse

This mouse is pretty much your everyday, no-frills kind of deal. It’s the basic mouse you plug into your PC with a good old USB cable. It does the job, you know, nothing fancy, but nothing to complain about either.

The cool thing? It doesn’t need batteries, so you won’t ever have to worry about it running out of juice!

So, if you’re just looking for a straightforward and dependable mouse, this one’s got you covered, no fuss.

Types of Mouse

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2) Wireless Mouse

A wireless mouse is basically like its wired cousin, but with one key difference: it’s cordless! Just as the name suggests, it’s wire-free! It runs on batteries and connects to your computer through a USB that sends out radio signals.

These gadgets typically operate using either 2.4GHz wireless technology or Bluetooth.

types of mouse

3) Ball Mouse

Ah, this mouse is a bit of a throwback! Back in the day, it was one of the earliest types of mice used with computers. Instead of fancy lasers or optics, it relied on a rubber ball inside to track its movements.

So, when you moved the mouse, the ball would spin, and a sensor would pick up on that to figure out which way to move the cursor on the screen.

Types of Mouse

4) Wheel/Scroll Mouse

Now, the wheel mouse comes in all sorts of flavors – wireless, optical, wired, you name it. The little wheel sandwiched between the left and right click buttons is the main point here. It’s letting you zip up and down web pages without needing to fiddle with that sidebar scroll thingy.

Types of Mouse

5) Optical Mouse

Nowadays, you’ll spot this type of mouse just about everywhere. It’s the go-to choice for most folks. Instead of a rubber ball like the old-school mice, it’s got an LED light down at the bottom. This clever LED detects movement by bouncing light off the surface below.

But here’s the catch:It doesn’t work on clear glass and plastic. So, choose carefully!

Types of Mouse

6) Laser Mouse

This one’s a bit like an optical mouse in how it operates but with a twist. Instead of relying on an LED, it goes all fancy with a laser beam that bounces off the surface it’s sitting on.

It can handle surfaces like glass and plastic, but here’s the deal – it might not be as pinpoint accurate as an optical mouse. So, while it’s versatile, it’s not the best in precision.

Types of Mouse

7) Bluetrack Mouse

The BlueTrack mouse, brought to you by Microsoft, is quite unique. It combines an image sensor and pixel technology to precisely track movement on various surfaces. Plus, it doesn’t mind working on carpets either!

Types of Mouse

What to look for when buying a computer mouse?

1) Wired/ Wireless

Choosing between a wired or wireless mouse primarily depends on your preference. If you find wireless more convenient, go for it. Wired mice are generally easier to pack in your bag.

2) DPI Sensitivity

A lower DPI mouse requires more physical movement for the same on-screen result, suitable for smaller desks. Higher DPI offers finer control. Some mice allow adjustable DPI for versatility.

3) Ergonomic Design

If you spend most of your day at a computer, prioritize comfort. Explore ergonomic options, such as trackball mice for wrist or carpal tunnel issues.

4) Size

As for size, it’s crucial for accuracy. Smaller mice may be portable, but they can impact performance. If precision matters, consider mice of various sizes and shapes. However, if you have larger hands, opting for a bigger mouse is a must for comfort and control. Ultimately, the choice depends on what feels right for you.

5) Weight

Mouse weight affects control precision. For tasks requiring fine control, a heavier mouse is preferable to prevent unwanted skittering during pixel-level work.


The two main mouse types are: wired and wireless


  • Ball mice.
  • Optical mice.
  • Wired mice.

A mouse is a handy little hardware device that you operate with your hand. Its main job is to steer that arrow or cursor on your computer screen.
The two main kinds of mice are:
I) Wired Mouse
II) Wireless Mouse

Wrap Up

Selecting the right mouse depends on personal preference, as different types suit different individuals. Consider what feels most comfortable for you. Additionally, factor in your budget when making your choice. Take your time to find a budget-friendly mouse that still offers the features you require. It’s all about finding the perfect fit for your needs.

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