How to Split Screen on iPhone for Better Productivity (2023)

Split Screen can be a lifesaver when it comes to multitasking. Especially in those cases when you need to copy-paste back and forth – we’ve all been there. Haven’t we?!

Many phones offer it by default, but for those that don’t, we’re going to discuss how to split screen on iPhone itself to make your life easier. Let’s get started!

What is Split Screen?

A split screen is when you can have two apps open and visible on your screen at the same time. It’s like having two windows open next to each other, making it easier to do different things without flipping back and forth all the time. It’s handy for multitasking and getting things done faster.

How to Split Screen on iPhone

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How to Split Screen on iPhone

First off, right off the bat, we need to understand that Split Screens are not available on all iPhones across the rack. Some have it, some don’t. But don’t worry, that’s what I’m here for 🙂

There are a plethora of ways by which you can achieve the same result. Here are some of them:

1. iPhone Settings

If you’ve got the latest iPhone (iPhone 14+ for this context), here’s how you can set up split screen mode:

  • Navigate to Display & Brightness.
  • Select Display and then Zoom.
  • Turn on Zoom.
  • Rotate your iPhone horizontally.
  • Launch the app you want to use.

Your screen will automatically switch to split-screen mode. See?! Nothing to worry 🙂

2. Split Screen-Dual Window

If your iPhone doesn’t support split-screen by default, this app’s going to be your lifesaver. You can obtain the free Split Screen-Dual Window app from the Apple App Store.

How to Split Screen on iPhone using Split Screen-Dual Window

Once downloaded, you can split the iPhone screen, allowing you to use two tabs with different content simultaneously.

How to Split Screen on iPhone

Keep in mind that using the split screen may require using apps in web view, affecting certain functionalities. Apps like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram can be accessed through the browser.

While the Split Screen-Dual Window app is free, you do need to compromise on using some apps in the web view. You can’t expect everything in the free version 🙁

However, after purchasing the app, you can enjoy multitasking without concerns.

3. Split Screen View

This is a free app that overcomes the shortcomings of the previous one. It allows us to use the browser and social media at the same time. The free version contains ads, and that’s about the only compromise with this one.

4. Split Web Browser

The Split Web Browser is one of the best out there. There are practically zero ads, even with a free subscription. The only downside is the inability to use any social media apps in conjunction with the browser.

How to Split Screen on iPhone

Alternate Multitasking Methods

1. Picture in Picture (PIP)

You can utilize your iPhone’s picture-in-picture (PiP) mode to multitask while watching videos. This detaches the video, and it hovers over your screen while you access other applications.

How to Split Screen on iPhone


You’ll need iOS 14 or later if you’re trying to use this. If your phone doesn’t support PIP and its iOS 14, make sure to verify the authenticity of your iPhone, and make sure it’s real.

You can activate it by navigating to Settings > General > Picture in Picture and switching on “Start PiP Automatically.”

How to Split Screen on iPhone

Here’s a quick rundown of PIP mode:

While watching a video, tap the Minimize Video button. The video window scales down to a corner of your screen so you can see the Home Screen and open other apps.

With the video window showing, you can do any of the following:

  • Resize the video window: To make the video larger, pinch open. To shrink it again, pinch closed.
  • Show and hide controls: Tap the video window to alternate between showing and hiding the window.
  • Move the video window: Move the window around as you want.
  • Hide the video window: Go to the extreme left or right of the screen.
  • Close the video window: Tap the Close button.
  • Return to a full video screen: Tap the Maximize Video button in the video window.

2. Fast Switch

Here’s a quick alternative for multitasking on your iPhone without the split-screen feature: use fast app switching. Between different open apps, swipe left or right from the bottom of your iPhone’s screen to Fast Switch between the open apps. This allows you to quickly switch between launched apps, shaving off some of those precious seconds.


  • How do I get dual apps on my iPhone?

    Dual Apps are intended for users that want to use the same application via 2 or more different accounts. You can use something like Parallel Space for Dual Apps found in App Store, or something similar that supports cloning.

  • How do you put two pictures side by side on iPhone?

    To put two pictures side by side on an iPhone, you can use third-party apps from the App Store like Pic Collage or Canva. Alternatively, use Split Screen if you don’t want to save the pic as one merged photo and just want to preview.

  • How can I play two videos at the same time on my iPhone?

    You can use Youtube app and Web Version with one of them in PIP (assuming you have YT Premium) to play 2 videos simultaneously. You can also use third-party apps, such as VLC, from the App Store that support split-screen or picture-in-picture mode.

  • How to do split screen in iPhone 14?

    You can enable Zoom on your iPhone, and then rotate it horizontally. Any app you open in landscape will have the Screen Split by default.

Wrap Up

Apple does offer Split View on iPads and Macs, so it could be on its way to the iPhone. If and when that happens, I’ll publish a how-to guide teaching you how to use the feature. In the meantime, utilize some of the above ways to be more productive with your time.

Remember, Time is Money! Invest Wisely!

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