77 Best Gaming Setup Ideas: The Ultimate Gaming Guide (2023)

Creating the perfect gaming setup matters – it enhances immersion and elevates your gaming experience. As gaming continues to integrate itself into our daily lives, the way we create our gaming spaces has become an art form of its own.

Whether you’re a casual player, a competitive sports enthusiast, or somewhere in between, designing a setup that suits your style and needs is essential.

In this article, we will cover the components and peripherals required for a gaming setup. Post that, we will look at 77 gaming setup ideas to give you some inspiration.

Lets get started !!

What is required for a Gaming Setup?

For ease of understanding, lets divide the components required into two halves:

  1. Mandatory components
  2. Good-to-have components

Mandatory Components

The components required for a gaming setup are:


Desks are the primary component of any gaming setup, and must be considered before anything else. This is because every other accessory with the obvious exception of a chair will be mounted on top of it. Hence, take your time to look for a sturdy desk with ample space for your peripherals. Ideally look for height adjustable desks as these allow you to change your posture as well.

Cool Gaming Setups Purple Haze

Gaming Chair

While you might not immediately consider a gaming chair essential, its importance is undeniable. Gaming serves as an escape, a realm of relaxation even amid challenging gameplay. Therefore, having a comfortable gaming chair—one that provides proper back and lumbar support—is not only recommended but vital.

Gaming PC

When it comes to importance, nothing beats the PC. Keeping your requirements in mind, you have options as to whether you want to go for a prebuilt one or build it on your own !

gaming setup

Gaming Keyboard

When it comes to gaming setups, wireless keyboards are usually at the top of the wishlist.

Going wire-free not only adds a cleaner look but also reduces clutter

gaming setup

Gaming Mouse

Your setup doesn’t strictly require a gaming mouse. It’ll do the job either way, but remember to pair it with a solid mouse pad to enhance your investment.

Still, a gaming mouse often brings player customization to the table, along with extra buttons to fine-tune and optimize gameplay.

gaming setup


Monitors are what enhance every gamers experience and is a must in every gaming setup. Doesn’t matter if it’s 34” or 48”, but a monitor is crucial to gaming setup nonetheless (although shorter monitors are preferred as they restrict field of view, giving better response times)

gaming setup


Headsets are a deciding factor in all competitive games as it affects response time.Key factors to think about include sound quality, noise cancellation, and a top-notch microphone. These elements combine to create the ultimate gaming experience.

gaming setup


Having a controller is a great backup if you’re not entirely vibing with the mouse and keyboard setup. Setting up wireless controllers on a gaming PC is pretty straightforward and hassle-free as well.

gaming setup

Good-to-have Components

Some extra good to have components in my experience that makes a difference are listed below:

RGB Lighting

Adding the right lighting to your gaming setup can really tie everything together. Consider cool RGB lights, ambient lighting, or even a neon sign showcasing your favorite game—like a Star Wars neon sign!

While it’s particularly essential for streamers with an audience to consider, ultimately, if you believe it’ll enhance your personal gaming experience, go for it!

gaming setup

Wrist Rest

Wrist Rest comes into play when we enter the long hour realms. To avoid muscle fatigue and still feel at your 100%, a wrist rest, whilst not necessary, is still a good investment.

gaming setup

Laptop Stands

This is mostly for aesthetics as it gives the overall setup a clean and finished look. And in case you’ve a small desk setup, this is an absolute life saver.

gaming setup

Now that we’ve discussed the components for our setup, let’s take a look at some (by which I mean 77) setups to give you some inspiration !

Ready?! Lets dive into it then !!

What are the best gaming setup ideas ?

A gaming setup should be slick, and clean while also being functional at the same time. However, different people have different needs- tight budget, low space, refactor equipment- so lets look at different categories, and explore some of the best in each !

Space Conservative Gaming Setups

RGB Focused Gaming Setup

gaming setup

Ramiro’s gaming setup speaks for itself. Everything within arms reach whilst being ergonomic and practical as well in a compromised space nonetheless. What else can we ask for ?!

Star Wars Minimalist Setup

gaming setup

If you have got limited space on your hands, consider building this Star Wars setup (We are assuming you’re a fan already, right?! )

Triple Monitor Brick Aesthetic Setup

gaming setup

The brick walls and the triple monitor contrast each other well while providing an aesthetic feel to the setup, enhancing its overall personality. The wooden shelves further add to the brick-and-mortar feel of the whole setting !

Warm Wood Setup

gaming setup

Unlike the often stark and digital vibe of RGB-filled gaming spaces, this PC setup exudes coziness with its warm lighting. A wooden desk finish and some well-placed plants bring an earthy touch. And to top it off, the space-themed wallpaper adds a final stellar touch.

Tiled Ambient Design Setup

gaming setup

For folks wanting to go beyond the basics, this setup could be it. Front tiled backdrops and nanoleafs to mood lamps, this one contains it all neatly managed in a small space.

Starry Night Setup

gaming setup

Guitar and Gamer, anyone? The starry projector just adds to the whole aesthetic of the room and makes an epic setup even better !

Stacked Monitors Setup

gaming setup

Stacked monitors are a great way to conserve space, and what makes it even better is the calming and clean color scheme to relax you almost instantly.

Minimalist and Simple Setup

gaming setup

Staircase Cupboard Gaming Setup

gaming setup

Harry Potter under staircase vibes, but with a gamer feel. You in ?!

Wall Art Gaming Setup

gaming setup

For fans of anime, or art- this is all you peeps ! The setup utilizes the calming vibe of art and funko pops along with RGB lighting to give a futuristic vibe to a calm setup. Cool, right ?!

Wall Mounted Station

gaming setup

You can’t possibly save any more space than this, can you now ?

Budget Gaming Setups

All-White Battlestation

gaming setup

Great usecase of vertical laptop stands to conserve space giving a much cleaner look and the white finish eliminates the need for any and all RGB lighting, thus much cheaper than others !

Elegant Desk Shelf Setup

gaming setup

Ample space with all the needful at arms length while being aesthetically pleasing- this setup does it all !

Rack-ed Setup

gaming setup

The racks complement the room decor and provide extra space, hence reducing table dimensions and saving on the overall cost while adding a polished finish !

Alienware Setup

gaming setup

What’s cooler than a gaming setup that gives wacky alien vibes ? Find something while we wait !

Pastel Setup

gaming setup

Art really does give life to everything, doesn’t it ?

Mountaintop Setup

gaming setup

Not the most economic option, we know, but worth considering. The futuristic feel of RGB along with the artistic vibe just makes it work !

Slanted Setup

gaming setup

Perfect option for a room with an incline. The curved laptop stand matches the inclined vibe of the room along with its diagonal placement. Not to mention the slanted speakers and the file cabinet, everything is just top notch !

Slanted Minimalist Setup

gaming setup

The color scheme is what makes this stand out. White lights along with cream wallpapers and white walls complement the black components in the setup beautifully !

Tableless Setup

gaming setup

Using the gap between the walls and a wide enough tabletop, this is one of the most economic and functional setups out there ! The purple RGB everywhere contrast the white walls and table effectively

Minimalist Gaming Setups

The Galaxy Setup

gaming setup

The wallpaper along with cyan green led lamps and white-black keyboard create an out-of-the-world vibe. The lamp stands add to the minimal look and feel of the setup while complementing the white lights in the background

The Zen Setup

gaming setup

In case you are planning on taking a zen hike, can you still use this setup ? Lemme know your thoughts !

Bamboo Gaming Setup

gaming setup

For all my nature enthusiasts- this one’s for you. The minimalism of the setup along with wooden elements makes this an excellent choice. Even the keyboard cable is wooden brown- now that’s detail !

The Case Setup

gaming setup

If you find yourself getting distracted easily, it’s best to return to the fundamentals.

In brief, a high-quality monitor, a comfortable chair, a good keyboard, and a reliable mouse. The case adds to the minimalism. Straightforward, sleek, and exactly what’s necessary for your gaming sessions. Welcome to the realm of minimalistic perfection.

Autumn Setup

gaming setup

For all my autumn lovers- I got good news for ya. Now you can always have autumn at your disposal (minus the leaves of course) !

Luminous Setup

gaming setup

The rack along with the white CPU LEDs and the lamp just seal the deal on this simple yet beautiful setup

Sunkissed Setup

gaming setup

Wooden aesthetics paired with sunlit looks and warm colors to the whole setting just lights up the mood !

Wooden Forest Setup

gaming setup

From the cup holder to the wallpaper and the desk itself, this entire scenery takes you back in the nature while working for a calm and composed feel

Wooden Ambient Setup

gaming setup

From the polished top to the warm lights, this setup takes you back to the good times and the promise of a better future !

Girl from Home Setup

gaming setup

For all the flower girlies out there, this setup is the perfect choice. From the flower stand to the plants and wooden feel, the entire setup exudes positivity that lasts throughout the day

Toy Setup

gaming setup

This is as minimalist as it gets, right? Actually, no. We have got a couple more for you !!

Futuristic Nature Setup

gaming setup

This just gives off a futuristic vibe, don’t you think ?!

Pad Setup

gaming setup

The wooden desk shelf along with the pad and the plants just goes so well with the white theme! What a perfect place to unwind with some Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley!

Contemporary Setup

gaming setup

The white and brown theme paired with the necessity tools at arms reach just makes this setup as one of the best setups out there without a doubt !

The Productive-ivy Setup

gaming setup

The ivy color matt paired with the footest and a desk shelf for the correct line of sight just makes this setup the best for all the productivity nerds out there !

Miscellaneous Gaming Setups

The Medieval Setup

gaming setup

The brick walls, the ambient lamp, the wooden desk, the running plants – what more can a guy ask for ?!

The Boxed Setup

gaming setup

The boxed layout all over promotes order and symmetry and allows you to focus on doing what matters without any distractions !

Basic Streaming Setup

gaming setup

Everything from webcam to stand is at an arms reach which makes this an effective method for streamers and youtubers out there !

Panel Setup

gaming setup

The hexagonal panels with the soft and sculpted lighting makes this appealing to work on. The natural feel adds to the vibe of the setup

Laminated Setup

gaming setup

Just the clean vibe of this setup along with the RGB is enough to make you want it, isn’t it ?! The back panels just add to the overall vibe and enhance the look and feel

Dual Mounted Setup

gaming setup

Monitors aren’t the only component that can/ should be mounted on top. Mounting speakers can provide a more spatial and distributed sound depending on your needs !

Darkside Setup

gaming setup

The nanoleaf panels and the desk shelves along with the lighting create a world completely separate from the outside for you to unleash the gamer inside !

Fame Setup

gaming setup

Everything about this screams epic ! From the soft blue light to the stand and the anime posters- just amazing !

Battlestation Gaming Hideaway

gaming setup

The entire station on its own reflects modern and contemporary design. Though it might not be the best for comfort, so do keep that in mind !

The Force Setup

gaming setup

Anyone entering this room would definitely be captivated by The Force. Be aware of this setup- it’s a pretty distracting one ! But it makes our inner child scream seeing our childhood integrated so seamlessly into our worklife

The Age of AI

gaming setup

This setup makes you feel as if you are in a sci-fi movie. Right from the lighting to the custom panels, everything here is designed to make you the protagonist of an AI movie!

Controller Setup

gaming setup

Easily one of the best gaming rooms setup by far. The nano leafs contrast appropriately with the floor and the xbox console stands just takes it to a whole new level !

The Joker Setup

gaming setup

A nerds’ dream come true. Why not keep some guns handy for that one friend that beats you again and again?! Who knows what you might need someday , right ?

The Leaf Set Up

gaming setup

Is this heaven ? We dont know. We’ll let you figure this one out on your own.

P.S. you’ve got a very cute partner looking at you from the chair as well, so you are in good hands !

Shefield Setup

gaming setup

From the aesthetics to the functionality- its got it all. And the best part- you don’t even need a lot of space. Budget is mid-end on this as the nanoleafs are indeed costly, but not as much as high-end setups.

Kawaii Gaming Setup

gaming setup

Calling all Kawaii fans here ! Check this one out, and let us know what you think about it.

EY Gaming Setup

gaming setup

For unlimited space and budget, this one is a viable option to set your sight on. From the desk to the monitors to the management, everything screams perfection !

The Frankenstein Setup

gaming setup

If you want something a little more flashy whilst being aesthetically pleasing, take a look at this. Now you can blind anyone with your personal BatCave !!

RTX Setup

gaming setup

Definitely one of the coolest setups till date ! The sharp panels along with nanoleafs and the metallic chandelier really take the whole setting to a whole new level. Not to mention the painting that only adds to the dystopian vibe in the air !!

The Raider Setup

gaming setup

Hail one for the Raiders of the Tombs !!! Get it ?

This epic setup just instantly reminds us of the good old days of Tomb Raiders in our room while exuding coziness at the same time. Just amazing !

The Plank Setup

gaming setup

Nature meets technology !! Try finding out Easter Eggs for your favorite Jurassic Park movies on this one. We will wait !

The Simpleton Setup

gaming setup

Despite being so simple, there’s just something about this setup that pulls you in, doesn’t it ? Goes on to prove that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication !

Beethoven Setup

gaming setup

Now this is how you do it ! Just a productivity engine on wheels with ample space for your belongings and everything neatly arranged for your requirements !

Wheels Setup

gaming setup

The earthly wallpaper, the rocket lego, the slick case- this setup is just top notch ! Ergonomer nerds- go for it ! Especially if you have a cycle at home ( though we dont recommend stacking it vertically )

ROGue Setup

gaming setup

No words needed. It speaks for itself !!


gaming setup

This is just our heaven. A secret room with cool lighting all over and ROG League ready to go at the command- life goals !

Curvilinear Setup

gaming setup

Just a neat, clean and a well-maintained setup that is budget as well as space friendly ! No need to break the bank, or the space. Get it for yourself if that sounds like you.

The Montage

gaming setup

What do you say to something like this ? Except that you want it too !! The lighting along with the wood paneled floor just provides a beautiful contrast that is taken a step further by the showcase and the CPU. Just amazing all over.

Marvel-ous Setup

gaming setup

Is there anything this setup doesn’t have ? Space, luxury, even funko pops ?! Great use of space and great gear to support the bits and pieces !

Lantern Setup

gaming setup

Feeling a little green ?! Sorry. Had to do it 🙂

If you’re thinking of themed setups, this might help inspire the creative artist inside of you !

The Blue Diamond

gaming setup

“I’ve built this setup in 10 months, starting with only the tv, console, and a desire to build” – We can see why Fluxgamess ! Happy to let you know that the time was worth it

Pop Setup

gaming setup

Did someone say Funko Pops ? We think we heard !

Have some inspiration from here for as many pops as you want and like. Hopefully you have sufficient funko pops 🙂

Racing Setup

gaming setup

If you’re planning on building a racing setup, and I mean A PROPER RACING SETUP, you should definitely take notes because this setup has it all – top-notch gaming rig with the latest and greatest components, ultrawide monitor, body shaker, McLaren wheel, and even a cup holder.

Zmanvii Setup

gaming setup

If you are planning on building a gaming setup for yourself and your better half, here’s how to do it the right way ! Pro tip: Don’t rush with the desk. It’s core to the entire setup as it hosts most of the peripherals, so you want to do it right !

The Mod

gaming setup

Now thats what we call a blast ! A setup fit for both work and gaming- two birds with one stone. A lot can be learned from this for wall rig gamers !

The Legion of Doom

gaming setup

Here’s another inspiration for a cool setup for couples. Which one do you like better? A Designated TV for each setup or the fridge in the middle? Let us know!

The Mecca Multifunctional Setup

gaming setup

The upcoming setup is a rarity in itself. It relies primarily on a MacBook Pro, offering exceptional gaming and content creation prowess. Instead of the usual gaming monitor, the owner chose a 32” Cintiq Pro graphic tablet, an excellent fit for graphic design and various professional tasks.

Chill-ed Setup

gaming setup

Here’s a chilling corner for all your needs ( don’t call it mancave please) . By itself it isn’t much, but when combined with the ambient light and the careful pattern placement, it becomes a masterpiece !

The Tab Setup

gaming setup

The hexagonal panels with the carefully lit patterns along with the controller just makes it perfect for a long gaming session. Do let us know if purple’s your color, or if you decide to go with something else!

The Thunder Setup

gaming setup

Yes, this is a real setup. It’s a bit hard to believe, we know, but this is 100% real. Try and replicate it at your own risk though. Potential obvious fire hazard !!

Pink Panther Setup

gaming setup

With a room partner this cute, how could you possibly go wrong ?! From the lamp to the nanoleaf, everything fits in perfectly !

The Disc

gaming setup

Just a simple and minimal setup with good space budgement and budget !


Gaming Setups are the must for any gamer. Not only for aesthetics and organizing purposes, but a proper setup also promotes better gaming performance. Not to mention that correct posture would prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and a number of other posture related problems from arising in the first place !

Whilst we have studied and seen a lot of gaming setups, the one you go for ultimately depends on you. What is your budget ? What are your spatial requirements ? What are your accessories ?

These are some of the questions you need to keep in mind along with the others before you start buying components and setting things up.

Hopefully, this article cleared some of your questions, and your search ends here. If any questions, feel free to email me and my team at support@zackmichaels.com
P.S. For PC building tips, be sure to check this out !

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