7 Best Ways to Take a Screenshot on Windows, Mac or Android

Taking a screenshot is an important skill- one that is vital in day-to-day life. We have covered taking a screenshot in 7 ways on every platform.

Let’s get into it!

How to Take a Screenshot on Windows 10 PC

i) Use Print Screen :

The simplest way to take a screenshot on any Windows PC is always Print Screen. You’ll find it on the upper-right side of most keyboards (or next to the Space Bar on some) .

take a screenshot on windows using windows prtsc

Source: How to take a screenshot in Microsoft Windows

Tap PrtSc once to copy an image of your entire screen to the clipboard. The screenshot will be copied to your clipboard, or you can save it to your screenshots folder.

The problem with this method is it captures everything visible on your monitor, and if you have a multi-monitor setup, it will grab all the displays as if they’re one big screen. Narrow things down with Alt + Print Screen, which will capture just the window you currently have open.

ii) Snipping Tool

The Snipping Tool is extremely useful when it comes to taking a screenshot as unlike the previous methods it allows us to take a snippet of the screen we want to capture and save it at the desired location at the same time !

You can find it by opening the start menu and then searching for “snipping tool”.

take a screenshot

Source: How to use snipping tool

iii) Windows key + Print Screen

Taking the screenshot automatically saves the files to the Screenshots folder in Pictures. Saves the hassle of copy pasting on your own, but offers less control over the save location.

take a screenshot

Source: Bitdefender

iv) Alt + Print Screen

To capture the active window only, use this combination. Doesn’t save the screenshot, but rather copies it to the clipboard and you can save it later at your own convenience.

v) Power + Volume Up

To capture a screenshot on a Microsoft Surface device running Windows 10, simultaneously press the Power Button and the Volume Up button.

vi) Assigning Snipping Tool to PrtScn

Most modern-day Windows laptops come with a dedicated screenshot key at the topmost bar of the keyboard for quickly capturing the screen. However, in case your laptop doesn’t have it, you can assign the PrtScn to open the Snipping Tool.

take a screenshot

Source: 91Mobiles

Just Open Settings and enter ‘print screen’ in the search bar. Toggle the option ‘Use the Print screen button to open screen snipping’ on.

vii) Windows key+G (Game Bar)

Timing is key in gaming, which is why there are gaming setups, game bars, consoles- you name it. We can use the game bars to our advantage. Press Windows and G together for a game overlay. Click on the camera icon or press Windows key + Alt + PrtScn keys to take a screenshot.The screenshot will be saved within the “Videos” folder in a subfolder called ‘Captures.’

take a screenshotSource: Lifewire

How to Take a Screenshot on Mac

i) Shift-Command-3

To capture the entire screen, use Shift-Command-3 combination to capture the whole screen in one go.

take a screenshotSource: SoftwareTestingHelp

ii) Shift-Command-4

To capture a partial screen, use this combination.

take a screenshot

Source: FabHow

iii) Shift-Command-5

A shortcut command introduced way back in MacOS Mojave in 2018, Cmd-Shift-5 calls up a small panel at the bottom of your display with your screen capture options. There are three screenshot buttons that let you capture the entire screen, a window or a selection of your screen.

take a screenshot

Source: Apple

iv) Command + Shift + 4 + Space bar

Open the window or the menu that you’d like to capture. Press and hold: Command + Shift + 4 + Space bar.

You’ll see a camera icon replacing the pointer on the screen. Simply move the camera and click on the window or menu that you want to capture.

v) Shift-Command-6

If you’ve got an older MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar, you can also take a screenshot of what’s currently showing on the Touch Bar. Just hit Cmd-Shift-6 to take a very wide and skinny screenshot of your Touch Bar

vi) Touch Bar

To take screenshots with the touch bar, follow these steps:

  • Click the Apple log at the upper left of the Mac and choose System Preferences.
  • Click the Keyboard option from the menu and choose the Customize Control Strip button at the lower right.
  • Then you’ll see a list of features that can be completed via the Touch Bar. You need to select and drag the Screenshot down, and off the screen to the Touch Bar.
  • Release the Screenshot icon when it’s in the Touch Bar and then tap the Done button to finish.
  • The next time you want to take screenshots, simply tap the camera icon and you’ll see three types of screenshots and the location where the screenshots are saved on your Mac.

vii) Use Preview

To use Preview to take a screenshot, launch Preview and unfold the file list on the top. Select Take Screenshot from the list.

How to Take a Screenshot on Android Phone

i) Power and Volume Down

When it comes to taking screenshots on android, nothing beats the good old shortcut introduced in Android 4.0. It’s just as simple as it sounds. Just navigate to the screen you wish to capture, and you are golden !

ii) Ask Google

Just activate Google assistant by saying “Ok Google”, and ask it to take a screenshot for you. It’s that simple !

iii) Scrolling Screenshot

A scrolling screenshot can be taken when accessing apps and content that occupies multiple screens. To take such a screenshot, first access the app and the content you want to capture and press the Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously. When you see the screenshot’s thumbnail on the screen, tap the Capture More / Scroll button.

take a screenshot

Source: TechWiser

iv) Android App Switcher

Google provides a convenient method for taking screenshots on its Pixel smartphones: simply open the desired app or webpage and swipe your finger upward from the bottom of the screen until you see a thumbnail list of all your currently open apps. Once the recent apps are displayed, tap the Screenshot icon.

take a screenshot

Source: DigitalCitizen

v) Use the Notification Panel

On certain devices, you can find a screenshot icon within the notification panel. To capture a screenshot, pull down the notification panel and simply tap on the icon. Some devices that offer this are Asus, Acer, Xiaomi, Lenovo, LG.

take a screenshot

Source: techcult

vi) 3 Finger Swipe

Some of the particular devices that also let you capture a screenshot by swiping down with three fingers on the required screen. Few of these devices are Xiaomi, OnePlus 5, 5T, 6, etc.

take a screenshot

Source: TuneComp

vii) Third Party Apps

If you want more advanced features, you can use third-party apps to take a screenshot on your Samsung device. There are many apps available on the Google Play Store, such as Screenshot Easy, Screen Master, and AZ Screen Recorder, that offer more customization options and editing tools.


Taking screenshot is crucial for day-to-day life, and helps in getting the details across in an easy manner. Ultimately, your method will depend upon your device type and your preferences, but nonetheless it is important to know all the ways, in case you need them.

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